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The AlgoZenith Campus Connection Program is designed to help students establish a community of like-minded individuals on their campus who are passionate about programming and technology.
Articulate Curriculum
Get a clear direction for your technical skills with Algozenith and the Campus Connection Programme. Make a positive impact on your community and succeed with our guidance. Join us now!
Regular events
to polish you up
Elevate your coding skills and succeed with Algozenith. Join us for regular seminars, contests, and Hackathons with industry experts. Plus, get goodies and swags for your hard work in a positive and competitive environment. Don't miss out on the opportunities Algozenith provides!
Rewards for everyone
Be recognized for your hard work with Algozenith. Our reward system includes goodies for the leader, prizes for contest winners (including monetary rewards), and swags for the core team. Join us now and get rewarded for your disciplined steps towards success!

Together, We Code Better


We Code Better

Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle.
Our Partners
At AlgoZenith, we believe in the power of community and collaboration. Through our partnerships, we have had the opportunity to organize and participate in various technical events, which have enabled students & professionals to come together, learn, collaborate, & showcase their skills.
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A vibrant glimpse into the community

A vibrant glimpse

into the community

Browse through the gallery to see images of coding competitions, workshops, guest lectures, & other events organized by different chapters across different campuses, and create one for your university as well!






Events organized

Frequently Asked Questions

AlgoZenith is a platform designed to enhance your coding skills and is suitable for everyone. Whether you want to strengthen your fundamentals, improve your CV, or receive assistance with internships, we have everything covered in this course. The structured content is also beneficial for job placements and can give you an advantage if you are looking to switch jobs. Anyone, from a chapter student to a working professional, can benefit from this course.

AlgoZenith collaborates with various chapters and establishes clubs on their campuses. The AZ team works alongside these clubs to improve the coding skills of students and provides an environment where they can learn and grow.

Yes, you can join multiple AlgoZenith chapters. However, if you have been appointed as a Lead, you will be officially assigned one chapter.

As an AlgoZenith Lead, it is best if you organize an event once a month. To ensure that the AlgoZenith chapter you have been assigned remains active, you should check on it once every three months. Overall, the Lead needs to commit one year to run a chapter.

If you are interested in becoming a Lead, please note that applications are open once a year, from April to August. We encourage you to stay updated on recent notices and deadlines by checking the website regularly.

AlgoZenith Leads are responsible for focusing on specific areas such as leading a club, hosting workshops, and distributing goodies. Firstly, they need to ensure that the club runs smoothly. Leads also have the responsibility of organizing workshops, events, and interactive sessions to foster algorithmic skills and provide students with clarity on their future path. Additionally, Leads are responsible for distributing goodies and swag to the winners of all events, which will be provided by the AlgoZenith team.

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